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TRANSPETROL, a. s., is one of the strategic enterprises of the Slovak economy and, as the operator of the Slovak oil system, ensures transit and domestic transportation of crude oil and its storage.

Ján HORKOVIČ, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the Company, talks about what has helped her to consolidate her strategic position on the market in the long term.

From 15 June this year, you are the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of TRANSPETROL, a. s. What have you set your goal for a new position in the next strategy? What will be a priority for you in the coming months?
TRANSPETROL, a. s., is a public limited company whose task is to ensure the safe transport of oil to selected customers so that the transport is of a given quality as well as in ecologically clean form. In the early days of my entry, it was an obvious obligation to familiarization with basic processes, staffing, economics of operation, as well as familiarization with the situation of our subsidiaries such as Bratislava-Schwechat Pipeline Gmbh (BSP) and Company for Storage, a. s., (SPS). For many years I have been in the field of energy, later in the field of electrical and energy, and in the regulation of network industries. I have the ambition to translate the acquired experience into a wide range of processes in TRANSPETROL, a. s., especially with the aim of streamlining in all areas. I will certainly like to use the platform of the International Association of Oil Transporters (IAOT), of which the Slovak Republic is a founding member, in the future. By its mission in a given segment, the Association offers various forms of regular meetings at various professional levels, both to its members and to other interested parties. I joined the company during a difficult period after the covid-19 pandemic. I therefore approach all the needs of repairs and investments and other costs extremely carefully, so that the stated objectives of making a profit per year are met.

Which important projects have been important to you in recent years and what are you particularly proud of from the point of view of the Chairman of the Board of Directors? What results can you boast about?

In such a short time, projects in TRANSPETROL, a. s., are not born, but we can build on the past and expect positive results when completing projects:

  • construction of large-capacity oil tanks: at the 50,000 m3 PS1 Budkovce pumping station and the 75,000 m3 PS4 Blunt pumping station
  • construction of a new Adria oil measuring station on PS4 Tupá
  • reconstruction of the DN 400 Budkovce-Vojany pipeline
  • reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant on PS1 Budkovce
  • construction of wastewater tank PS4 Tupá
  • reconstruction of hydrant network on PS1 Budkovce
  • reconstruction of fire water tank PS4 Tupá

In general, the fact that we have managed to reassess the projects already under way in a relatively short period of time is particularly positive, so that financial savings are achieved, subject to compliance with their efficiency, efficiency and economy.

What challenges await your company for the future? Tell us your short- and longer-term goals...

At the moment, we are employed by a reassessment of the importance of the BSP organisational unit in Slovakia, which in our opinion is now losing importance and at the same time we plan to stop financing the component until a technical and social solution to the issue of pipeline management to Austria is found.

Despite the fact that the transportation of crude oil, or the use of the transport capacity of the Slovak oil system, is largely influenced by the requirements of the market and its customers, the long-term goal of TRANSPETROL, a. s., is to continue to increase the amount of oil transport by the territory of the Slovak Republic.

The new management of the company is making every effort to move closer to the total transport capacity of Slovak pipelines, already actively communicates with current customers and in the future will start looking for possible new potential customers as well as customers for oil storage with the possibility of utilization of storage capacities. At the same time, the company expands its services by focusing on other market required measurements of the quality parameters of the supplied oil, which also makes this service even higher in the provision of core business company on quality.

Of course, TRANSPETROL, a. s., will continue the activities related to the modernization of the pipeline according to the latest possible technologies, with the construction of storage tanks, with the protection and creation of the environment, so that the oil network of the Slovak Republic as a central transit corridor continues to be characterized by high operational reliability and safety.

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