Transport and storage of oil for the Slovak economy
Transpetrol, a. s. is the only oil transporter in the Territory of the Slovak Republic by pipeline systems – oil pipelines. It is one of the largest and most important businesses in Slovakia, which by its economic activities significantly influence the convergence of quality of life in our country at the level of developed European states.
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Warning of fraudulent conduct and misuse of the trade name of TRANSPETROL, a. s.

TRANSPETROL, a. s. has noticed the dissemination of a fraudulent, false video on the social network Facebook, which damages its business name, as well as the personal and property rights of individuals. The video entitled Investment TRANSPETROL, a. s. is a compilation, a compilation of various other videos, graphic photomontages, presenting the possibility of participating in an investment program with high monthly profits.

In connection with the published video, TRANSPETROL, a. s. points out that it has not launched any investment platform that would allow, for a deposit of EUR 200, to receive a passive income of EUR 4 000 per month from such an investment. It does not offer any investment options, does not require registration of natural or legal persons and in any case does not require the sending of any funds. All information regarding the investment option is misleading and deceptive and the company distances itself fully from these fraudulent activities.

We also advise people to be cautious and not to engage in these false and fraudulent activities.

TRANSPETROL, a. s. has taken the necessary legal steps in this regard to protect the company and personal rights.


Transport of crude oil

Transpetrol, a. s., through its pipeline system, the only one in Slovakia, provides transit and domestic transport of oil and its storage in order to supply the necessary amount of oil mainly for the Slovak economy and other trading partners.

Domestic and transit transport of crude oil and its storage are the main economic activity of the joint stock company. The transport capacity of the pipeline is 20 million tonnes per year.

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Pumping station. Green pipe.

We care about ecology

TRANSPETROL, a. s. is in favour of the introduction of progressive information technologies that promote the safe operation of the pipeline system and the prevention of environmental protection in the territory in which it is located.

The Pipeline Information System (RIS) is developed as a spatial technical and environmental information system to support the control of the operation and maintenance of the pipeline system.

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Pumping station. Green pipe.
The most important

News and press releases

Meeting with a strategic business partner

On Thursday, 30 November 2023, the CEO of TRANSPETROL, a. s., RNDr. Martin Ružinský, PhD., PhD., welcomed the representatives of JSC Ukrtransnafta, headed by the CEO Vladimir Miroslavovich Cepend.

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A rare visit to TRANSPETROL, a. s.

On Monday, 3 July 2023, the Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic honoured us with his visit. He met with the Board of Directors of our company and together they discussed possible scenarios of the development of the oil transportation market and also the measures that TRANSPETROL, a. s. is ready to take if the development of the market

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Priorities of TRANSPETROL, a. s., in the following period

TRANSPETROL, a. s. is a strategic company of the Slovak economy and its position as the only carrier of an important energy raw material plays an extremely important role in the energy and economic stability of the country, especially these days.

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Requests for comments

The pipeline shall be protected throughout its length by a protection zone defined by vertical surfaces running at a horizontal distance of 300 m on both sides of the pipeline and used to ensure the smooth operation of the pipeline and to ensure the safety of persons and property, and owners and users of immovable property in the protection zone are obliged to refrain from anything which could damage the pipeline and endanger the continuity and safety of the operation.
Verification of the protection zone

Oil network in the Slovak Republic