Ecology and Philanthropy


Transpetrol, a. s. is one of the strategic enterprises of the Slovak economy and as the only operator of the pipeline system in Slovakia has a unique position.

Recognizing its importance for the whole company, TRANSPETROL, a. s. pays particular attention to those who need help most.

Therefore, through sponsorship and charitable activities, the joint stock company TRANSPETROL, a. s. seeks to cover several areas and help mainly children in orphanages, old people, disabled citizens, health facilities to improve the quality of the provision of care for citizens, or to support the development of youth sport.

Young people who play sports in nature.

The effect of the money spent on charity and sponsorship activities is difficult to measure. The positive impact in this case is expressed by the satisfaction of children, the elderly and supported persons, and it is these indicators that will be important for TRANSPETROL, a. s. in the future.

Ecology and Philanthropy