About the company


TRANSPETROL, a.s. is a relatively young oil pipeline company. The historical roots of its creation are linked to the construction of the Transit Pipeline Družba, its southern branch, which came from the territory of the former Soviet Union, through Belarus and Ukraine to the former Czechoslovakia. The Slovak section of the Družba pipeline from the Ukrainian border through Šahy to Bratislava was built between 1960 and 1961. The first oil pipeline Družba to the Slovnaft refinery in Bratislava was transported in February 1962.

In 1980, the Adria oil pipeline was put into operation, which continues through Hungary from the Croatian port of Omišalj on the Adriatic coast and ends in Slovakia in The Sahra, where it feeds on the Družba oil pipeline. It became part of the then Czechoslovak oil pipeline system and its operation created important preconditions for diversification of oil supply and other possibilities for entry into new oil markets.

After a change in socio-political and economic circumstances in the former Czechoslovakia, on 1 July 1991 the czechoslovak joint stock company TRANSPETROL, a.s., took on the task of operating the entire pipeline network on Czechoslovak territory. After the division of Czechoslovakia and the creation of two separate states, the joint stock company was also divided into two separate companies. In the Czech Republic, the joint-stock company MERO ČR was established and on 1 January 1993 a joint stock company with the original name TRANSPETROL, a. s., was created in Slovakia.

About the company