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Administrative building on ul. Resistancemen 1,
Inventory No. 59 in Bratislava - Nove Mesto

Hotel Adria
Hotel Adria is located in the built-up area of the central part of the spa town of Trenčianske Teplice. The property is listed at LV no. 827 with inventory number 355 and 356, trenčín district, village Trenčianske Teplice on Hurbanova street no. 20. The hotel is located about a 5 minute walk from the main promenade. Nearby is a bus station and the famous green frog swimming pool. In the vicinity of the hotel there are complete civic amenities, numerous restaurants, shops, recreational facilities and spa houses. Behind the hotel there is its own park with a relaxation area.

Landfill Dolné Semerovce
The object of sale is the "Object landfill Dolné Semerovce" inventory number 178 on plot No. 1960/2 with accessories and with land CN C, parc. Nos 1960/2, 1960/9 and 1960/12 in Dolné Semerovce, municipality of Dolné Semerovce, district of Levice. The building consists of an operating building (including an extension), an oil separator and Accessories (steel shelter above the pumping station, steel shelter along the retaining wall, fencing of the area, drilled well, water supply, fitting shaft, sewerage, cesspool, sludge fields, VN connection, transformer station, EI connection NN, outdoor lighting, underlying concrete, water-building concrete, paved areas, retaining walls and bridge scale. In 2022, a security and monitoring system was handed over in the landfill building to protect the building against unauthorized entry into the facility.
About the company