About the company

Mission and Code of Ethics

Transpetrol, a.s. is a strategically important part of the Slovak economy.  It is one of the largest and most important businesses in Slovakia, which by its economic activities significantly influence the convergence of quality of life in our country at the level of developed European states.

It considers its eminent interest to continuously strengthen its strategic position in the transport and storage of oil for the Slovak economy and its effective presence on the European oil market.

Code of Ethics

  • TRANSPETROL, a. s. is aware of its important position in the economy of the Slovak Republic and considers behaviour based on ethics, transparency and social responsibility to be its commitment to the whole company.
  • The Code of Ethics expresses the commitment of all employees of TRANSPETROL, a. s. to act in the course of business in accordance with all applicable laws and with regard to the highest standards of business ethics.
  • The aim of the TRANSPETROL, a. s. Code of Ethics is to guide the behaviour of transpetrol, a. s. employees in accordance with ethical standards in order to achieve a high moral level in the company culture.
  • Every employee of TRANSPETROL, a. s. represents the company. It must behave in public in such a way as not to harm its interests and to protect the reputation of society. Misuse of information, damage or theft of company assets is considered a gross violation of professional discipline.
  • TRANSPETROL, a. s. is committed to taking care of the company's reputation and interests, protecting its intellectual and material assets, fulfilling requirements and respecting the interests of its customers in order to create long-term and mutually successful business relationships. He also considers as his commitment an honest and correct approach towards all customers of TRANSPETROL, a.s. without distinction.
  • TRANSPETROL, a. s. places great emphasis on compliance with technological and ecological standards valid in the Slovak Republic in order to minimize the risk of an ecological accident or harmful environmental impacts.
  • TRANSPETROL, a. s. has a strong anti-corruption policy in its insem. Supporting material is the internal regulation "Anti-corruption program of TRANSPETROL, a. s.", under which the company obliges all its employees to report any corrupt conduct, even at the stage of attempted or only suspected corrupt conduct, and to reject any action that may jeopardize the company's interest in maintaining a strong anti-corruption policy. TRANSPETROL, a. s. condemns and rejects any form of corrupt conduct and takes all steps to adequately hold the entity liable for such conduct.

Bratislava, 01. 10. 2019
About the company