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Organisational structure of the company

TRANSPETROL, a. s., highly appreciates the expertise and professionalism of its employees, which is a prerequisite for the provision of quality services in transit and domestic oil transport.

In the field of human resources development, it aims to ensure the continuous acquisition, renewal and expansion of the professional competence of employees, which is one of the means of maintaining the company's competitiveness within the European area. With comprehensive care of employees and implementation of social policy, the company creates the conditions for their satisfaction, self-realization and stabilization.

General Assembly
Supervisory Board
Head of Department
Crisis Management
Specialist cybernet.
CISO safety
Head of
Comprehensive Protection
of the company
Manager for the administration of
company bodies
Director of DG Office
Director of the Legal Department
Director of the Control Department
Head of Department for Foreign Affairs
Director of Finance
Director of Administration and Services
Director of Investment,
Development and Maintenance
Director of Operations and Trade
As of 31 December 2022, the average number of employees of TRANSPETROL, a. s. was 313, of which 51 were women, and the average age was 48.10 years. The structure of TRANSPETROL, a. s.'s employees by job category was as follows:

  1. 44.34 % of technical and economic staff
  2. 33.33 % of workers
  3. 22,33 % of support and service staff

The educational structure of TRANSPETROL, a. s. employees as of 31 December 2022 was as follows:

  1. 33.66 % higher education
  2. 51.78 % complete secondary education with a matriculation diploma
  3. 14.56 % secondary education, apprenticeship
About the company