Priorities of TRANSPETROL, a. s., in the following period

TRANSPETROL, a. s. is a strategic company of the Slovak economy and its position as the only carrier of an important energy raw material plays an extremely important role in the energy and economic stability of the country, especially these days. Economy Minister Karel Hirman therefore met with the new management of the company to inform about the current state of the company and its main priorities in the short and long term. The main priority of the company remains the transport of oil to final customers in the required quantities and quality without any disturbance to the environment or human health. It will also be necessary to proceed with repairs, of which only a very small part of the annual planned volume has been carried out so far. Also, the pipe diagnostics have not been carried out, which specifies the necessary scope of repairs and will have to be carried out next year.

Therefore, the company's priority in the near future will be, in particular, to step up the implementation of repairs and maintenance of the oil pipeline system. In the course of 2023, regular monitoring and diagnostics of the oil pipeline system will also be carried out, followed by the correction of identified defects to maintain the safety and operability of the entire pipeline, which in recent years have not been eliminated on the planned dates. A very important task remains the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of electricity for 2023 for Transpetrol's own consumption, which, despite the high current date, were not concluded. Minister Karel Hirman also considers this task to be one of the most important:

"At the end of the year, Transpetrol is facing an increase in electricity prices due to the increasing share of purchases in spot markets, which may increase even further next year due to the fact that the purchase of electricity will no longer be possible only on spot markets or on the basis of currently very high price levels. At the same time, electricity is a very important cost item due to the propulsion of pumps for transporting oil through the mountainous territory of Slovakia. This is therefore one of Transpetrol's most important and difficult tasks, to negotiate the best possible prices."

In the short term, it will also be necessary, in view of the current geopolitical situation, to prepare and set up oil extraction technologies and processes in connection with increasing the requirements for the amount of oil transported (frontloading). Due to the exceeded transport volumes due to the efforts of customers to have sufficient oil available to process and cover the need for the market in the event of unforeseen situations, the company is currently exceeding the planned economic result. The need to build joint cross-border projects, as well as potential projects composed of business domestic entities, is also becoming necessary.

In the long term, the company will also look for options in the context of the adopted sanctions in the area of oil imports from the Russian Federation that will make it possible to use the capacity of the oil pipeline system in order to comply with international, technical treaties and conclusions adopted by the European Commission. Important is the possible potential for the use of the twin Druzhba oil pipeline passing through Slovakia, as is the capacity of the Adria pipeline for transporting alternative types of pipelines, including a multi-branch measuring station at the entrance to the oil pipeline system. In the event of an emergency, it will also be necessary to resolve reverse pumpings in sections where this is not currently possible, as well as to step up investment activity to expand storage capacity.

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